Throughout our business, we aim to find more sustainable ways of working to reduce the impact our operations have on the surrounding environment. We are fully committed to embedding our environmental policies into our processes and we continue to be pro-active in bringing further improvements to our performance in meeting the national environmental targets.

The disposal of site waste is a major factor of concern facing the construction industry. We target and monitor the waste generated from each of our sites. In all circumstances, we attempt to prevent site waste through accurate ordering of materials and re-use of any off-cuts. Demolition and strip our waste is always segregated and re-used or re-cycled where possible. As an absolute last result, site waste is collected by lorry and segregated at a waste disposal depot to be recycled, reused or sent to landfill. We are licensed waste carriers and act in full compliance with all current legislation and guidelines.

We focus on the sourcing of local labour as a commitment to reducing the travel miles which increase the carbon footprint of our business activities. The use of local labour invests back in the communities we work in offering a place of work and regular income reducing local unemployment. We encourage our workface to share travel and run a fleet of multi-seat vans to provide a lift share scheme to further reduce our carbon output.

The consideration of design is of significance importance when controlling and a projects environmental performance. We have a proven track record that our early involvement in a project leads to improved environmental results. The selection of construction techniques and product specifications generate different volumes of waste, and careful consideration is given to this when assisting with design. Materials with low embodied energy are always considered first and selected for use where compatible with the design to further reduce the overall carbon output of our production.