Our company was founded and grown on its reputation for consecutively delivering small domestic extensions for our client base. Whilst the company is now structured to deliver larger more complex projects, we haven’t moved away from our roots.

For many people, ever changing circumstances of everyday life can often mean their currently property is no longer suitable. Moving home or relocation to a different area may not be a feasible option. If this is the case, then extending your current property would be a sensible solution. Whether it’s a new addition to the family, a new job or business ran from home, or to just create that extra living space, we offer the expert building services required to extend your property tailored to the needs of you.

We carry out all work ranging from small scale alterations to large scale extensions. This could be adding new bedrooms or en-suites, extending kitchen areas and creating separate dining spaces, or making a study office or utility room. We bring the professional organisation and management of a large scale projects to the smaller domestic market never comprising on the quality and service.

Construction work is a disruptive process impacting on the living conditions of our clients. Our workforce is committed to reducing all disruption to a minimum, and will always programme any disruptive work with our clients well in advance. Working areas are left clean and safe at the end of each day, and we ensure that our clients are given daily updates on progress. We have an extensive team of dedicated tradesmen to fully resource the project minimising those frustrating down days where nothing seems to happen.

As with all our works, we personally guarantee any of our extension projects and remedy any defect which may arise.