New Build

We specialise in new build construction offering the one-stop solution to take any project from initial concept through to completion.

We offer 2 main stream services on our new build developments; those which have completed designs and planning approval ready for an immediate start, and those which are only a concept idea and need to be developed into a working project. Either way, we’d be delighted to work with you to deliver your new build development to a level which exceeds your expectations.

Our team can assist in the acquisition of your ideal building plot, and obtain the necessary Planning and Building Regulations approvals required on any new build development. We work alongside chartered Architects who will lead you through the design process to achieve the optimum design solution. Special care and attention is given to every client’s unique requirements to ensure that the completed design provides ultimate build function, whilst reflecting personal attributes and characteristics.

Cost estimates are given at each stage of the design process so our clients are aware of forecast final costs at all times. Cost advice can be given when making important design decisions, and our architects are commercially minded to ensure the completed design will fall within budget. We also look at avenues of value engineering the design, to investigate other construction options which will achieve the same end result but for a lower cost. Once a design is signed off (weather completed by us or others), a fixed price is offered to our client for acceptance.

All new build developments are assigned a site based manager to oversee the entire project from start to completion. Our managers will organise the works and co-ordinate the various skilled tradesmen, ensuring first class workmanship is achieved to deliver your project to a level of quality which competes with the best. Regular communication with our clients is essential for successful delivery, and our site managers will take the lead role once construction commences on site. They also ensure that all work undertaken is done so in a safe manner, and mitigates the disruption to the surrounding areas.